We help executives and entrepreneurs increase sales by crafting your personal image to give you a performance edge in the moments that matter.

In today’s market, why settle for just ok, when simply upgrading your clothes can give you a decisive advantage?

Discover what an image edge can do for you.

We show you how to dress in a strategic way to feel great, attract and engage clients, and make more money.



As a consultant, speaker, or expert in your field, clients are ultimately buying you. We help entrepreneurs like you up-level the way you present yourself to easily attract more clients and close more business.


As a leader within your company your bottom line is affected by how you lead and inspire others on your team. We help executives like you ensure that what you put on each morning gives you the confidence to lead your team and company to success.

Your Team

As the head of a team, your image has a trickle down effect on sales. The way you dress sets a standard for your entire team, and is either helping or hurting sales. We help ensure your team dresses to attract sales and confidently hit their goals.

Step out of the shadow and into opportunity!

Written for both men and women, this book will show you the power your image has to help you grow your business. Discover how your image can work for you!

Strategically Suited: Your Secret Edge to Grow Sales and Get New Clients.

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 Lee, I can’t thank you enough for your help. In the whirlwind of big events this week I had perfect, ready to go outfits that are seasonally appropriate and represented each individual event perfectly. But more importantly, I had outfits that truly represent me and really enable me to lead and and show up with confidence. I received many glowing compliments on my outfits and they were the perfect style for hosting our crowd (and the event was a home run!) It’s very rewarding to face my travel calendar (next up is an off site client photo shoot) knowing that packing my bags won’t be a hassle and I can more easily focus on what I’m there to do. 

Sarah Nell Blackwell

Wingshot Design

Work With Lee

Work Privately with Lee

Work one-on-one with image strategist, Lee Heyward, and transform your image to increase your bottom line.

  • Implement a strategic image plan to reach your goals and create an edge within your industry.
  • Easily maintain your image edge throughout the year.
  • Ensure getting dressed is the simplest and most strategic thing you do each day.

Discover what an image edge can do for you and your business.

Group Retreat

Step into an image that makes you feel great and gets more results in your business. In this fun and intimate setting you will discover your image potential and step into the best version of yourself.
During the retreat you will learn…

  • How to use your image as a marketing tool in your business.
  • What to buy in order to create an image edge within your industry.
  • How to create an image that is put-together and effortless.

Reserve your spot for our next style retreat.

Uplevel Your Team

Ensure your entire team confidently presents themselves to customers while staying true to your company’s mission and brand.

  • Create a strategic company dress code.
  • Motivate and empower team members.
  • Increase customer confidence.
  • Drive higher sales

Chat with Lee to explore the right fit for you and your team.

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A Book of Yeses!

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What I Learned from Wearing Slippers to McDonalds

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