I Got a BIG Makeover!

I’m really excited to share some BIG NEWS with you. I got a huge makeover. Well…my company did. Charleston Style Concierge has a new name and look.







You’re probably wondering why after over four years in business I would make such a big change. I tell my clients all the time that style is a constant evolution. Style changes as you change in order to be an authentic representation of who you are. Business “style” is the same way.

I’ve rebranded to bring you even better service, value, and style fun. The new and improved Style with Lee website has a few  things you might want to check out:

  • An updated look that is stylish, sophisticated, and fun.
  • Expanded service levels to help you achieve great style no matter your budget, style needs, or geographic location.
  • A more personalized website because I know you want to choose the stylist that is right for you.
  • FREE style resources to help make style easy and fun.

Be sure to check out the Style with Lee website to see all the fun new changes and don’t forget to get your FREE style guides.




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