I Didn't Know What to Wear!?!!

 I want to share a personal story with you. When I first started my business I struggled with what to wear.

Ironic, considering what I do! I felt challenged to find clothes that struck the right balance between being professional and true to my personality. Yes, I am in the fashion industry but wearing off the deep end fashionista clothing just isn’t me.

I actually missed a networking meeting because of this. Seriously…I never made it because I wasn’t confident about what to wear. That was the last straw. I refused to waste anymore valuable time or miss out on possible opportunities so I did something about my wardrobe.

I made a change— I revamped my wardrobe to reflect my personality, career, and lifestyle.

Most importantly, I stopped accepting a wardrobe that didn’t help me make more money in my business, feel confident talking about my business, or make me feel good about the way I look.  And that my friend is the secret to style success.

If you’ve ever felt challenged by what to wear and are ready for change, I invite you to join me for Style Camp for Entrepreneurs.

Style Camp for Entrepreneurs is a five week class that is taught via webinar. During Style Camp you will discover how to create a wardrobe that gives you the confidence to walk into any meeting, sales conversation, or business event.

Having style you love isn’t about going out and buying all new clothes! There is a formula for success—which you will learn with me during Style Camp for Entrepreneurs.

With the right tools great style is simple, easy, and fun! Are you ready?  Style Camp begins April 11th!

To get started or learn more, click here.

Here’s to your style,


PS. Sign up for Style Camp by Wednesday, March 28th at 11:59 PM and get a one-on-one style coaching session with me and a copy of my new book!




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