What's Your Closet Potential?

Last week during a closet edit I made over 40 “NEW” outfits using what was already in someone’s closet. Every closet I go in has more potential than it’s owner can see.

The trick to shaking things up in your closet is playing dress up. Walk into your closet and force yourself to find an outfit you’ve never worn before. An easy way to do this is to pretend like you’re putting an outfit together for someone else. It takes the “I could never wear that” feeling out of the equation.

Dress up is a powerful exercise. (And a common occurrence in my house.) You played dress up completely uninhibited as a kid and wore only what you liked and what made you feel fun. Here’s the secret…It’s the same thing as an adult. Read on to learn the formula for putting together the perfect outfit.

Dress up! Have fun! And here’s to your style!