Group Style Retreat


This style retreat is for women business owners who are ready to grow their business, look amazing, and feel fantastic while doing it.


Can you think of a time when you felt like you could conquer the world? You could accomplish anything right!! Nothing stood in your way.

Confidence has amazing power. The way you look and feel about yourself is driving every result you get in both life and business.

Imagine being in front of an ideal client and feeling as if you could conquer the world—business would be good right!

My style retreat is designed to help you discover how to truly feel confident and amazing in your own skin. It’s amazing that in only 2.5 days you can discover and reveal the woman who easily closes sales, gets dressed in minutes, and becomes a power player in her industry.


I believe that when you walk into a room, people should notice. Otherwise, you might as well have stayed home in your pajamas!

Yes, this can sound a little scary. And I’ve worked with many women who have dressed to be inconspicuous their entire lives. But here’s the thing, the point of being in business is that people know about it and want to buy from you. It’s hard to buy from someone you don’t know about.

This style retreat will show you how to position yourself in front of your target market as THE EXPERT to buy from. This doesn’t involve being pushy or salesy. Or wearing something because you think you have to. It’s about stepping into clothing, hair, and make up that feels authentic and demonstrates your brilliance to the rest of the world.

I think an attendee of the last retreat said it best,

 We learned secrets about our personalities that we didn’t even know.  The part that makes us unique.  The part that other people see, but we overlook. And we learned how to let those secrets become a part of our image, instead of something we hide. 

~Donna Terrell, Criminal Defense Attorney


This is not a fashionista’s club. During the retreat we won’t be sitting around talking about the latest trends or the best designer bags. Yes there are lots of trends we will work into your wardrobe. And I do carry a designer bag. But this retreat is about helping you discover who you truly are and how that can help you achieve anything you set out to do.

The right clothes give you the power to do anything!


Here’s what we will accomplish together during the style retreat.

  • You’ll discover how to present yourself in a way that highlights your unique personality, flatters your figure, and strategically helps you reach your goals.
    • Define your personal style and brand
    • Learn how to dress your body—the good and the bad. You’ll learn how to highlight the body parts you love and how to embrace and flatter the ones you don’t.
    • We’ll also have a bra fit specialist access the fit of your current undergarments and provide a bra fitting.
    • You’ll be bringing a few specific pieces from your closet in order to discover what items in your closet need to go and which can stay.
  • I will show you exactly what you need to wear, head to toe, in order to truly up level your image.
    • We’ll shop together for new clothes that get you instant results. You’ll also learn what to look for during future shopping endeavors.
    • A Style with Lee make up artist will teach how to use make up to add the finishing touches to the way you present yourself.
  • We’ll completely revamp your business image with new headshots and image strategy you can instantly put into place upon your return home.
    • You’ll leave with 2 new head shots to showcase your new image. Hair and make up will be provided prior to the shoot.


This retreat isn’t for everyone. In fact, this event is only open to a very small group of women who are ready to step into the most awesome version of themselves.


This is a before and after from the Spring Style Retreat. The pictures speak volumes but you’ll want to check out what Donna said about her experience!


 I knew I was in a rut.  About my clothes. About my message.  About my attitude and appearance in general.  And I knew I needed a change.

I saw this information about a “style retreat” for professional women.  To help you with your brand.  Lee was highly recommended by a business coach I am working with, so I took the bait.

I have to admit I was nervous.  I thought I would be there with a group of fashionistas and this old country girl would be completely out of place.

Instead, it was one of the greatest experiences I ever had.  We learned about branding, about having a message, about forecasting your message to others through your appearance.

We learned about body shape and how to dress that shape to be most attractive.

We learned secrets about our personalities that we didn’t even know.  The part that makes us unique.  The part that other people see, but we overlook..  And we learned how to let those secrets become a part of our image, instead of something we hide.

My before and after photos are absolutely amazing.  I feel like a whole new person.  I’ve been unchained from the old self.  I’ve been freed to laugh and dream and smile.  And I’ve become more accessible to my clients, which is the whole point.

And all of this happened in the most relaxed and fun setting possible.  Everyone in the room was just like me–nervous, anxious and trapped inside themselves.  And when the weekend was over, we had elegant swans emerging from our previous ugly duckling selves.

People think I’ve lost weight. They think I’ve had a face lift.  They think I’ve colored my hair.  They think I look fabulous.  (And my husband thinks he has a mistress!)

If you ever ever ever have a chance to do this retreat with Lee, you better just move heaven and earth to make it happen.  You will never regret a moment of it. 

~Donna Terrell, Criminal Defense Attorney


 I’m so glad I attended your style retreat Lee! It was an amazing experience. I am now able to shop with confidence and I understand how to pick out clothes that look great on me. I used to dread shopping! I think the exercise we did with the magazines was a real game changer. The change in my perception of myself from the beginning of the weekend to the end was really amazing, thank you for that! 

~Teresa Bennett, The Analyst Coach



 I signed up for the style retreat excited about how this could impact and help my career. What I did not know was how much this would help me both personally and professionally. Not only did I learn how to improve my business image but I learned valuable information about myself. We did several fun exercises that were eye opening and helped me gain a better understanding of who I am.

I lot of times I see things in the catalogs and stores that I love but I know that would not look good on me. Therefore I automatically discard the idea that I could wear it. Lee encouraged me to embrace the things I was attracted to and then showed me the tools of how I could incorporate that style or look into my wardrobe. I am not sure how to explain it but I felt like I was seeing a whole new world. I was the one limiting myself to what I had created as my acceptable choices. Learning this about myself, and how to apply it to my wardrobe, has given me a new sense of who I am and also that my choices are endless.

Realizing a new sense of self and being provided the tools of how to embrace these ideas in a way that worked for me personally and professionally has been freeing. This has given me more confidence in creating the image I seek and made getting dressed a lot more fun!

I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend and am so glad I signed up! 

~Andrea Johnston, Senior Clinical Trial Lead



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