Dress For Your Vision

What does your vision look like really? If you were to see it ON you… would it be purple? green? blue? Would it be fitted and sassy or loose and comfortable? Would your vision be tailor made or one size fits all?

How you dress everyday, regardless of whether or not others see you, will set the tone to what your vision looks like. Specifically if you are the leader of that vision (and if you are the business owner you are the leader of the vision 😉 So the real question to ask yourself is: “When I reach my vision, or when I reach my goal, what do I look like?” Or if it’s easier, you could say, “How do I dress?”

Let’s explore some fun details here, because I think a lot of people don’t think in this way. But, you know, maybe in three years you wanted to have your business be in X spot, and that included the fact you’re going to drive a certain car. Or maybe you finally bought the designer bag you really wanted. Or maybe you have a closet full of clothes that you really love to wear and you get dressed in three minutes because of it. The list can go on. Even, “I have somebody come blow out my hair every morning.” Why not? It’s whatever you want and once you can see this, then we can start making changes that are going to help you reach both the vision for your business, but then also for who you want to be and what you want to look like when you get there.

It doesn’t have to happen overnight, but when you start to play with who you are once you reach your goals and vision you’ve built yourself a road map to help you achieve looking and feeling great. So, that’s cool, right? Here is an experience one of my clients had:

She is now married with children, but she met her husband probably the Saturday after we had done our work together. Needless to say we up leveled her image 😉 We did a full wardrobe shopping trip. She was totally dressed to impress, looking super cute. Then she shows up at this party, and low and behold, she meets the gentleman who becomes her husband. She swears that she never would’ve met him if she had not taken the time to uplevel her image and really think about how she wanted to present herself. She said she probably never would have made it to the party, because she would’ve used the excuse that she had nothing to wear.

From a business perspective lets take a look at another client I have:

I worked with a gentlemen and we did a full uplevel of his style. He called me the Monday after, he had been at work, sort of debuting his new look (who doesn’t want to show off a new look?). He said his boss called him into his office, and it was kind of awkward. He shut the door and sat him down and said, “Look, I just need you to give it to me straight. Are you interviewing for other jobs?” It was kind of funny, because he wasn’t. But it ultimately led to a conversation that got him a raise and a promotion. And it was interesting because we had sat down before working together and really looked at where he wanted to go in both life and work, and, you know, the Monday he gets back to the office, he sort of instantly positioned himself to be there.

In both situations because each one made a decision to commit to a new level of how they and others would see them, completely shifted the result of not just their business experience but their life.

So my question to you today: Are you dressing your vision? (if your not, I wonder what opportunities you are potentially missing out on?)




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