What is a Personal Brand and What Can It Do For YOU?

What is a Personal Brand and What Can It Do For YOU?

Can you really create opportunity in your business simply by getting dressed? YES, let me share:

I recently went to volunteer for the Special Olympics here in Charleston as a timer for a kayaking race. We are all finishing up, and I’m walking back along with one of the other timers. She asked me what I do. So I told her how I help business owners DRESS their vision, truly creating the style that represents how they see themselves and their success. She said I needed to be connected to her daughter… an immediate referral and there might be some real opportunities there. You just never know what opportunities are going to show up for you.

So what is a personal brand? This is something that we hear a lot people talk about. It’s a new buzz word. You have to go out and get a personal brand. If you don’t have a personal brand, you, don’t have a business kinda verbiage. People are talking about ‘personal brand’ as it pertains to becoming famous. The important thing to understand about a personal brand is it’s not something that you just go out and get: “Today, I’m going to get a personal brand.” It’s something that you’re creating, everyday, whether you are meaning to or not.

Personal branding is all about how you position yourself to others. Often you’re doing this in lots of different ways, whether it’s with your website or business card, how you’re wearing your hair, or what you choose to wear. All of these things make up a personal brand. Ultimately, the result is how your image communicates to potential clients, or you can think of it as how your are received by a potential client.

So think about a goldfish. Everybody’s seen a goldfish, it’s orange with black stripes, a certain size, etc… now what if you see a ‘blue’ goldfish, which by the way are totally real. Now your interest is peaked. Why is this goldfish blue and not orange? What happened in the scope of evolution that this could happen? See what happens, when something shows it’s self out of the norm or even in contrast to it’s expectation, one can’t help but be intrigued.

This is how you want to think about creating your own personal brand. You are essentially creating an opportunity to stand out. The idea is not to kind of put yourself out in a way that you’re like, “Oh, I don’t want to be the blue fish. It’s scary to be the blue fish.” It’s about positioning yourself so that the blue fish is somebody that feels authentic and is somebody that you feel confident being.

When you develop this personal brand that you feel really confident around it will make a HUGE difference in how you present yourself to your clients, how you feel about yourself on a daily basis, and how energized you are to do the things needed to reach your goals.




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