A Book of Yeses!

Last night I had a surreal moment when I walked into Barnes & Noble and there in the business section sat my book, Strategically Suited. It hits bookstores nationwide this month! My daughter (she’s 6) asked me how I knew how to write a book. I thought about it and told her I didn’t know how but I said yes to figuring it out.

The truth is, I never planned to write a book. I didn’t put it on a vision board. Or set a goal to be in bookstores across the country. Yet here I am with my second book on the shelf at Barnes & Noble. Pinch me, please!

Her question made me realize that my book is the result of a bunch of yeses. Navigating entrepreneurship is challenging. You must learn to say no. And you try to say yes to the right things. But really it’s just a journey.

This month my yes journey has brought me to the release of the printed version of Strategically Suited. This particular milestone came from saying yes—even when I was afraid to do so.

The Birth of Strategically Suited

In 2011 I said yes to a meeting with a cool woman named Lily Herndon-Weaks—simply to learn more about her and her publishing business. I asked her to edit copy for a program I was putting together. When I left that meeting I called my Dad in shock and said, “I’m going to have a book!” I said yes to have her help me turn all my notes and teleclasses into what became Simply Effortless Style. Without her I don’t know if it would have occurred to me to write either of my books. I am forever grateful to you Lily!

In 2015 I said yes to working with my mentor, Ron Wilder. He wrote a book that year, which inspired me to write another book that was more relevant to the work I do helping entrepreneurs use their image to drive revenue in their business.

In March of 2016 I got on the phone with Angela Lauria of Difference Press and said yes to writing and publishing my second book with her. I didn’t need to know how to write a book. She showed me how easy it can be. I just had to say yes.

In January of 2017 I said yes again to being published by Morgan James who would release my book in bookstores nationwide.

For every one of these yeses there was a time (more like days!) when I agonized over whether or not I could say yes. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t know how I was going to make it all work. But last night, holding my book at Barnes & Noble, answering a simple question for a child I realized the power of YES!




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