Be an Authentic Version of Yourself

In the spirit of trying to play by the rules and wear what you think is appropriate, or, what you “should” wear, it is really easy to end up losing yourself in a style that just isn’t an authentic version of who you are. Often times you end up thinking something is your style, when it is actually the opposite of the look and feel you want to achieve from your clothing.

To feel more authentic about who you are in your clothes you have to dress intentionally. This means you purposefully choose clothing that makes you feel and look a certain way. You become very disciplined about what you buy and what is allowed to live in your closet. If a shirt doesn’t make you feel great and doesn’t help you portray who you are, it’s simply not for you. That doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you, or your body, it just means that it’s not the shirt for you. There will be plenty others!

Clothing then becomes something that you enjoy wearing, not something you have to wear because you can’t leave the house naked. Getting dressed becomes easier each morning. Think about the days you are able to dress quickly and easily. Those are usually the days that you love what you are wearing. Alternatively, it takes a few tries to put on an outfit that doesn’t match who you are. You’ll change your clothes over and over again because they never feel quite right. It never feels authentic.

The next time you are out shopping, or editing your closet, I encourage you to really think about your clothing. Does your clothing match the image you want to portray? Does it make you feel great? If not, spend some time figuring out the disconnect and become disciplined about what clothing truly puts a kick in your step.




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