Are "Mom" Jeans a Necessary Evil?

I have the most difficulty time getting dressed on Fridays. On Friday I take my daughter to The Little Gym where clothing that you can move, sit, squat, and chase your child in is a must. Add to the equation the desire to look like a put-together Mommy and you’re left wondering what to wear!

This wardrobe quandary led me to wonder if “Mom” jeans really are a necessary evil?

“Mom” jeans have a terrible stereotype. Think old school light wash. Definitely tapered. And your belly button hasn’t seen the light of day in years. It’s not good!

The trick to a stylish “Mom” jean is considering how low your jeans sit in the back. Otherwise you spend an afternoon at the park hiking up your pants to avoid plumbers butt. Rid that annoying fashion faux pas with some of these great stylish “Mom” jean options.

Beija Flor

These jeans are designed by a mother daughter team who understand the need for jeans that work with your curves, not against them.


A personal favorite, WORN jeans are great for any Mom on the go. Many of their styles are slightly higher in the back.

Christopher Blue

These jeans special “memory” fit means that you get the same great fit every time you wear them. They are great for curves and are flattering on almost any body type.





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