Shoes that Look and Feel Fantastic

My favorite shoes are valet shoes. You know, the shoes you can only wear when it’s guaranteed you’ll be dropped off at the door of a restaurant and quickly escorted to a sitting position. Valet shoes are jaw-droppingly fabulous, sky high, and for me personally…completely unrealistic. I still love to look at them (I keep a couple of pairs in my closet for special occasions where a valet is involved!), but in order to walk I have to choose comfort first.

Shoes can make or break your outfit so make sure you’ve got ones that look and feel great! My career began working for an equestrian footwear company. As a rider it was a dream job until I realized how difficult it was to make my favorite outfit look cute when I had to wear very specific shoes. So, I’m familiar with getting dressed and then having your shoes kill an outfit. However, unless it’s a job requirement to wear specific shoes there’s no excuse not to have shoes that look and feel great.

Can you have comfort and fashion? YES! In fact, you should accept nothing less. It’s as simple as knowing what brands to buy.

When looking for comfort and style check out a few of my favorite brands.

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